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This website provides an overview of our research activities. This research is carried out in a cooperation of the KHK, M3-BIORES, and De Wingerd; sponsored by IWT and other partners. As you probably already have made up of our url and title (monitoring of discomfort in demented elderly patients based on automatic image recognition), our main goal is to setup a computer vision system which will be able to detect and recognize pain based on face expressions.

Short introduction

Epidemiological research shows that 5% up to 10% of the population older than 65 years is suffering from dementia. An increased ageing of the population furthermore increases the number of patients with dementia.

One important and underestimated aspect is discomfort (pain) in this group of patients. Several studies prove that about 70% of the people living in nursing homes struggle with pain. Almost half of them have chronically pain. Recognition of pain is therefore an important issue for the care-givers. Discomfort is often communicated by these patients by facial expressions of pain.

Because of the (r)evolution in hardware and software today, there are much more techniques available for automatically monitoring of faces. Also quantifying faces is possible based on simple camera's and the use of the newest image processing techniques.

An automatically and continuously monitoring tool  must allow the caregivers and family of the demented elderly to better estimate the needs of the demented elderly, which will result in patient centered care.



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